ConnectWi is a marketplace platform where we made it easier to be able to purchase services. 


Benefits for the Customer:

  • Easy Access to a Large Group of Curated Service Providers - Whether you are looking for someone to install your air conditioner or even do your hair. Now you have a pool of service providers to choose from
  • Increased Security - Safety is at the heart of what we do, our review process for Service Providers is rigid and we continuously monitor feedback from you to be able to deliver a great experience.
  • No More Scams - No one likes being 'ripped off'. Imagine hiring a provider to service your car, and it still doesn't work. No more, "Sorry there is nothing I can do". We mediate all disputes concerning services rendered on our platform and you get to rate your experience with them.


Benefits for the Service Provider:

  • Wider Pool of Clients for your Business - Providers would be able to supply more customers and expand their base.
  • No More Scams- Scams and Shady pratices happens on both sides. We ensure that customers pay the fee first, and once completed we automatically release it to your account. 


Duration project: 20 days

Client: Sweet Themes


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